Spreckels Lake

It is a small pond really... but a real jewel.

...and many moods too. I circle as a meditation and a bit of exercise. I live very near so I could walk to the Pacific ocean (and I do) but Spreckels Lake remains a constant for it variability.

It is always changing. Fog hides its smallness in mystery; in sun - the rare Richmond' district event- it sparkles with miniature sailboats.

It has made me a migratory observer of water birds: Seagulls, coots, pie-billed grebes and cormorants. Geese of course. a few ruddy ducks. mallards

but the turtles are magnificent.

The only 'feature' in the water is a concrete turtle that is covered by layers of living turtles in a constantly reorganizing, pick-up-sticks kind of dynamic architecture. The sun brings them out to bask but their shyness keeps them away from all edges but this little turtle island.

It is a daily embodied reminder of the Hindu myth of world cosmology about turtles. I walk around this cosmologic world center, circling around to find my own.